Episode 59: What Feels Meaningful Right Now (w/ Maree ReMalia)


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Hey everyone! Wow...what a month. Since my last episode, I had to wrap up my university classes around New Years, got a bit busy grading, and thought it would be a ho-hum sort of holidays. Instead, the underbelly of American's history reared its head for all to see right in the heart of Washington D.C. I am not sure what else there is to add to that event that hasn't already been said over and over about white supremacy in all its forms. I am still not sure what to think about Biden being president but I can only hope for something better than the status quo set by the past white liberal ideas of a melting pot. And Martin Luther King's birthday just passed yesterday, the timing of which reminds us both how much and how little has changed. We shall see.

But for today, I have a really special guest, Maree ReMalia, a choreographer, performer, teaching artist, and certified Gaga instructor. An adoptee born in South Korea and raised in Ohio, movement practice and performance has supported her in an ongoing process of self-discovery, liberation, connection, expression, healing, and care. Her collaborative performance works have been commissioned by Gibney DoublePlus Festival (NY) and have been presented at venues such as American Dance Institute (MD), BAAD! Bronx Academy of Art and Dance (NY), Cleveland Public Theatre, and many more. As I edited this episode, I realized Maree had a very calming effect on me as an interviewer and we glide through many different topics, delving into Maree's experiences as a South Korean adoptee, her meandering path towards movement as a means of expression, getting groovy with Gaga, and so much more. As always, stay safe and healthy wherever you are, both mentally and physically, and I hope you enjoy this.

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