Get Your Shine: Reignite Your Spark with AJ Sarcione


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Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! On the podcast today is AJ Sarcione, an international motivational speaker, shine development coach, author, and the creator of the personality quiz The Shine Scale™.

In this week’s episode AJ and I chat about:

  • Sparks and how we can ignite our spark and reignite our shine

  • AJ shares his steps to Get Your Shine and the Get Your Shine Awards, a campaign to inspire peer-to-peer recognition. Focused on positivity, the awards are a free tool that allow everyone to “shine” when someone digitally sends one of six different awards to a person they wish to recognize.

  • The gift of unintentional perfection, and the beauty of what we dream and wish for showing up in unexpected ways

  • Why this time is the perfect opportunity to cultivate greater emotional intelligence and the power and beauty of words

  • AJ’s incredible moment with Whitney Houston, and so much more!

To connect with AJ and learn more visit his website and and on Instagram @AJSarcione Facebook @AJSarcione and visit to check out their swag, books, and Shine Dice™

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Show Notes:

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