July 6 2021


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Big show on tap with so much happening in the world of sports.

The Pat Down looks at the long odds the Montreal Canadiens are facing trying to claw back into the Stanley Cup final.

Former NHL player and current Tampa Bay Lightning scout Jeff Tambellini follows and gives the scouting report on Port Moody product Kent Johnson, who is projected to go top-10 in the upcoming NHL Entry Draft.

Harman Dayal joins after Hashtags - the best and worst of Twitter, and tells us about some under-the-radar forwards the Canucks should take a look at this offseason, how the Lightning have found diamonds in the rough, and explains why the Canucks sat last in 5v5 expected goals against last season.

The Price is Right wonders if there is a bigger debate in sports than soccer’s penalty kicks to decide a match.

BC Lions play-by-play announcer Bob “the Moj” Marjanovich joins the show to talk about his new broadcast venture with the Leos.

J Pat looks to sizzle on Hot Take. The show concludes with all the Errors & Omissions.

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1. Jeff Tambellini (00:29:25)

2. Hashtags (00:47:21)

3. Harman Dayal (00:57:14)

4. Price Is Right (01:27:39)

5. Tell Me I'm Wrong (01:31:38)

6. #AskJPAT (01:49:14)

7. Bob "The Moj" Marjanovich (01:57:49)

8. Hot Take Tuesday (02:18:15)

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