Overcoming Your Resistance to the Gym & Working Out


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Do you resist the gym even though you know you should go? Suzanne speaks to Coach Ash about how to shift your mindset to embrace the gym…and get back to fitness.

Do you get the help you need? I begin this show with a little piece of my book, The Extremely Busy Woman’s Guide to Self-Care, titled ‘Seven Steps to Get the Help You Truly Need’. Why did I write this essay? Because it’s glaringly clear that many of us overly busy women don’t know how or from whom to ask for help.

There are 7 easy steps right here!

My guest, Ashley Tucker AKA Coach Ash, is a coach who works in a gym, helping women to persevere when they feel like quitting… and show up in spite of their misgivings or resistance. This is for all of you who INTEND to get to the gym but can’t actually make it happen.

Among other things, I learned from Coach Ash:

  • How to deal with exercise perfectionism
  • What is ‘movement intuition’ and why it matters
  • How to discover your own exercise style
  • How to deal with body issues at the gym
  • Picking up workouts we can do at home
  • How much you actually need to exercise—and doing what, exactly?
  • What works when it comes to HIT

If you’re a gym resister, this one is for you! Coach Ash lays it all out.


Suzanne Falter


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