Questions To An Editor - Valuable Answers from Jennie Rosenblum


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We had a nice chat with Jennie Rosenblum, who has edited quite a few books for the past six years.

She gave some valuable insight as well as some recommendations to seasoned and the new coming authors.

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Here's the timeline of our chat:

00:28:13 Introduction 01:05:20 How did you become an editor 03:04:07 Do you read a lot of books as a librarian? 04:18:09 Do you do children’s book editing? 05:24:04 Do you correct the emails that you get from people, as an editor? 06:19:16 When you are writing an email, do you watch out for grammar, errors, etc? 06:52:09 Can you tell the personality of the person who is sending you emails? 09:34:11 Do you make any judgements on the author if he has many errors in his messages? 10:48:24 Do you specialize in any type of books? 12:31:22 What is your editorial style? 14:39:17 What type of editorial services do you provide? 17:21:04 Do you give feedback on the marketability of the book? 20:17:06 What is a good time for n author to start working with you? 22:42:00 How do you do your beta reading? 24:26:08 Do you have any recommendations to the authors, as an editor? 25:33:29 How long are these different types of courses for authors?

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