82 - "It's Your Life, it's Your Story, Make it a Good One." learn to protect your assets with Michael Glassford


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There's a lot of uncertainty and fear these days. You don't have to be afraid if you are ready.
Over the last 16 years I have helped parents in Missouri and Utah navigate the legal arena, protect their families, and achieve their dreams and wealth quicker with proper estate planning.
I have found that with the right plan in place, not only do my clients enjoy more success, but they are able to live more productive, fulfilled lives, as they live their dreams, while maintaining the business they have worked so hard to build.
My ideal clients are professional, committed, and driven parents. I show up powerfully and help them identify and focus on protecting their dreams and help them realize them faster than they ever thought possible to live a life of abundance.

Protect yourself, your family, and all of your assets

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