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I used to have a saying: Boys are made of lies and girls are made of crazy. As you can imagine a lot of people did not like this phrase.

Even if a woman was dealing with a lying man, she hated being called crazy. If a man was dealing with a crazy woman, he resented being called a liar.

I justified this belief of mine by saying that the crazy fueled the lies, and the lies fueled the crazy.

But it was an excuse for a ugly belief and an inaccurate statement.

Sure, I consciously knew that not ALL women were crazy and ALL men were liars, but my subconscious did not.

And even though I was not aware of it at the time, I put men and women in a predetermined box. I assumed women to be crazy until they proved otherwise.

I expected men to lie, and I tracked everything they said to catch it. Use your imagination-what kind of effect do you think this belief had on my relationships?

If you were thinking it created distrust and kept people at a distance, you’d be right.

If you thought it limited what was possible between me and others, you’d be right.

These kinds of beliefs are called limiting beliefs, and it is what Max Zen Jones and I are going about on this episode of Self-Sabotaging Sagas.

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