Cold Conversations & B2B Selling w\ Chris Beall, CEO at ConnectAndSell


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Chris Beall is the CEO at ConnectAndSell. Chris shared great insights on how to make cold conversations happen, the key attributes of top sellers, the best practices around selling to enterprises and much more. Please share your feedback -
About ConnectAndSell:
Hosted in the cloud, ConnectAndSell enables you to have more conversations with your intended targets than serial dialing, either manual or technology-enabled. The reality of serial dialing is that the average person can’t make more than 75-100 outbound dials a day to their intended targets, which may result in 6-8 conversations with decision makers. ConnectAndSell can make that same number of dials in less than an hour. The result? Every 2-5 minutes ConnectAndSell allows you to speak with one of your intended targets: Conversations On Demand.
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