Heat, Intervals and Performance with Jason Boynton Ph.D.


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Heat training - and pardon the pun, a hot topic in the world of sports performance - and frankly it’s been covered to death all over the internet. So today we’re going to do things a bit differently.

Yes, we’re going to talk about heat and performance with a guest in the trenches of this space. And yes, we’re going to get some surprising recommendations for performing in the heat but as this guest just completed their Ph.D., we’re also going to take a look behind the scenes.

This is made interesting by the fact that our guest has the sports science trifecta, being an environmental physiologist, a cycling coach, and an athlete - he has a unique take on cycling performance science - we get a look at the process and thinking behind his research - and how it is designed to make a real impact on the world of sports performance.

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