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Welcome back! This episode I have a seriously epic conversation with singer Fish about his final studio album “Weltschmerz”. I’m fascinated by the idea of deciding you’ve done all you can within a certain media and wanting to do something else. We unpack that idea and lots of other things during our chat. Fish is a great conversationalist and we had a great time talking. You’ll also hear from clips from the album.

Also on the show I speak to actor and musician Brian Protheroe. Brain released several albums in the 70s before focussing on his acting career. He appeared in Superman The Movie, various BBC Shakespeare productions, and TV shows such as Lovejoy, Holly City, Midsomer Murders, and Spooks. Brian still enjoys making and self-releasing music and he recently released a collection of songs called “Desert Road”. I hope you enjoy our chat!

PS: My debut solo album is out on all major streaming services now! Matt Royal: “Meet You By The Photobooth”

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