#499: Increase Average Order Size (AOS) in eCommerce Websites, Episode 2


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What can you do to increase the average order size on your ecommerce site? Research tells us that even a 'tiny' discount of just 1% can more than DOUBLE the average order value. Yet, according to research by Dotcom-Monitor, some ecommerce websites reduce average order values by up to 35%, because they don't offer discounts for shipping costs.

A vital part of improving conversions is to increase the average selling price per customer. This report provides strategies and techniques for growing your average order size.

In selling online, it is increasingly important to approach the prospective customer as early as possible in the sales cycle. Prospects often spend more time in search of products using ecommerce channels before filtering down their selections and making a purchase. This makes encouraging them in ecommerce to add even low-priced add-ons an important sales tactic.

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