#527: Improving PPC Landing Page Conversions, Episode 2


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When you are trying to capture leads and information from potential customers via pay per click marketing strategies , you want your landing page to be optimized to ensure a higher conversion rate .

Landing page conversion optimization is the process that helps you to make sure that your web landing page is converting visitors into paying customers. This strategy is especially helpful if it's a newsletter sign up page. With a conversion optimized website, you'll be able to capture more email addresses and start building your list.

Landing page conversion optimization involves making certain that you can convert visitors into your landing page to customers so that instead of sending them away, you have the information they need and the incentive to buy. It's important to make your landing page polished and professional looking and conversions easier and quicker. You can do this by simplifying forms, shortening time on site (this can be done with a countdown timer as well as highlighting relevant keywords) and making sure that the product images are clear and high quality. Landing pages are usually as simple as one page with an eye-catching headline, logo, image or video if possible, a

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