#530: Most Important PPC Metrics to Track, Episode 1


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Which metrics are most important to track in PPC? Is it ROI, CTR, CPC or conversion rate? The answer to this question depends upon your business needs. While strictly speaking we're all looking for revenue per unique click (that's the holy grail of all metrics), at a certain level we have to start looking at efficiencies as well. Just like you wouldn't run a marathon and sprint from the start, you can't expect every keyword to convert in the same way. Therefore, when doing more research for my client, I want to see keywords that are converting so I can prioritize them over spending more.

There are a lot of different metrics which you should be checking, but to keep it simple, it all really comes down to one number; Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). This is your total profit divided by your total ad spend. If you want to break it down further, then you can break this number out into cost per acquisition (CPA) and conversion rate (CR) too. In this article I'll explain what ROAS is, and why it's so important when thinking about PPC.

More info on the right PPC metrics to track: https://ppc.co/ppc-metrics/

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