#532: How to Implement a Cost Per Lead Program in PPC, Episode 1


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A cost per lead program in PPC allows you to get a price on converting a visitor to your business. Depending on the organization attributes, you can be charged $40 or more for a lead- meaning, someone that fills out your contact form, or calls you after seeing your ad. There are ways to implement a cost per lead program in PPC, including targeting keywords with terms that best describe your ideal customer and building custom landing pages that target those attributes.

A cost per lead (CPL) program in your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign is a great way to boost your business's efficiency. The CPL is an upfront amount that you agree to pay the vendor when someone fills out a specified form on a landing page or makes a phone call from the advertisement.

More about optimizing your cost per lead: https://ppc.co/cost-per-lead/

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