#533: Optimizing Cost Per Lead in PPC, Episode 2


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A Cost per Lead program helps you increase revenue from your PPC campaigns. Cost per lead works by setting a cap to the amount you're willing to pay for each conversion, or lead. For example, if the average value of each sale is $200, you will only pay $100 for a lead that brings you a customer who purchases $200 worth of product.

There may be times when you feel that you would like to increase the cost per lead in your PPC program. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to do this. A cost per lead may be increased or decreased depending on the business cycle and upcoming events.

B2B, B2C or any company that manages PPC advertising needs to have an accurate cost per lead metric. This is the only way to accurately test various keywords and campaigns without getting distracted by Google's Keyword Planner (which relies on inaccurate data). Learn how to implement a cost per lead campaign so you can start optimizing your ROI online.

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