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Welcome back to the show, my party people! It’s been a while since the last episode, so I thought we’d dive right back in with a really hot topic: Residential assisted living.

My guest, Gene Guarino, an expert in the field, is going to explain to us how we can turn a residential home into an assisted living facility. It’s a fascinating conversation and what he has to say will blow your mind.

Tune in to hear how many ways you can skin this cat!

Minute Markers

  • [03:45] Gene introduces himself and describes his ideal client.
  • [04:55] His foray into the world of assisted living facilities.
  • [06:48] Gene’s prior career running a music school.
  • [08:51] Why cash flow is better than equity value.
  • [10:05] Gene’s big challenges getting into the assisted living business.
  • [15:04] Your best asset as a businessperson.
  • [16:01] The two parts to what Gene does.
  • [17:15] Shooting for 20-30% profit.
  • [19:41] Clarifying the terms of this business.
  • [22:46] Gene’s favorite motivational quote.
  • [23:07] Gene’s book recommendation.
  • [24:15] Gene’s favorite app. Tunity
  • [26:28] Why he chooses to work in the assisted living field.
  • [27:12] What makes him feel grateful.
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