How to Have More Good Days (and Fewer Bad Ones) & Amazing Facts You Haven’t Heard


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Dogs are fascinating. The things they do, the ways they behave are so interesting to watch. Plus, the fact that most dogs give their owners unconditional love - hard to beat that. Did you know that even though dogs will eat almost anything – they actually prefer two distinct flavors? We begin this episode of the podcast with what those two flavors are and some other interesting facts about what your dog is really thinking. (Paulette Cooper author of 27 Secrets Your Dog Wants You To Know) (

We all have good days and bad days. So, what if you could control your days so that so that you had far more good ones than bad ones? Caroline Webb, author of the book How to Have a Good Day ( reveals the psychology, neuroscience and behavioral science that can help you greatly improve the odds that today and tomorrow will be fabulous!

What do 46% of people in Japan do when the doorbell rings? Why do astronauts have to sleep near a fan so they don’t die? This is just two of a bunch of facts you’ll hear from John Lloyd, creator of the Q.I television program in the UK and contributor to the book, 1,342 Quite Interesting Facts To Leave You Flabbergasted ( If you like fascinating facts to dazzle people at a cocktail party – this segment you will enjoy.

If you have to present something at a meeting or make a proposal – do your best to NOT go first. I’ll discuss why and when in the meeting is a more optimal time to speak up. Source: Sarah McGinty author of the book Power Talk (


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