Life Skills for a Better Day Every Day & The Fascinating Story of Water


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Have you ever felt that urge to snoop or eavesdrop on someone? Actually, everyone does it. This episode begins with a brief discussion on why humans and most other creatures eavesdrop and the purpose it serves. Source: John Locke author of the book Eavesdropping (

When you think about all the tasks you do throughout the day, there are probably some you could do better, easier and more efficiently. So, Erin Ruddy interviewed some top experts to find out how for her book, The Little Book of Life Skills ( Listen as she joins me and you will discover how to do everyday tasks better - from getting up in the morning, how start the day with a better attitude, how to write a great email, how to clean a room in 10 minutes or less and more.

We wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t water. It is crucial for our survival. Yet, it seems water also causes a lot of problems. There isn’t enough of it in some places and there is too much of it in others. The story of water is fascinating. Listen as Giulio Boccaletti joins me to tell this fascinating tale. Giulio is a globally recognized expert on natural resource security and environmental sustainability and author of the book Water: A Biography (

We are all aware of the risks and dangers of driving drunk. What you may not know is that driving tired is also dangerous - really dangerous. Listen to hear why you shouldn’t drive when you are tired and if you have to, what you can do to reduce the risks. Source: Matthew Edlund, M.D. author The Power of Rest (


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