SYSK Choice: Effective Ways to Deal With Jerks & A Guide to Awesome Smartphone Photos


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Why do you sigh? Usually it is because you feel relief or you are sad or tired. But it turns out there is more to a sigh than you thought. In fact it turns out to be good for you. I’ll explain as I start this episode.

The world is full of jerks. And unfortunately you have to deal with them. So what’s the best way? Here with some expert help is Bob Sutton, a professor of organizational behavior at Stanford and author of the book The A**hole Survival Guide ( Bob explains why jerks are so jerky and reveals the different categories of jerks and then offers some tactical advice to deal with them and still get what you want.

Did you know different airlines have different flying styles? Did you know the armrest closest to the aisle on an airplane that can’t be raised actually CAN be raised if you know a little trick? These are just two of the fascinating behind-the-scenes facts about air travel that we’ll explore.

Everyone today has a camera on them almost all the time. And cellphone cameras have gotten pretty good. So, since you may likely be photographing much of your life, why not make those photos the best they can be? Photographer Jim Miotke, founder of and creator of the online course Outstanding Photography offer some simple tips and idea that will transform your cellphone photos so they truly capture the moment.

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