SYSK Choice: The Biggest Lies About Work & Achieving Financial Wellness


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Selling items on eBay can be fun and profitable. And there are a few little tricks than can make it even more profitable. I begin this episode by revealing some strategies above and beyond good photos and descriptions that can bring you more money. that.

We have all heard things like; workers improve when they get feedback or a company’s culture is the key to success. And everyone knows that good leadership is what makes a company thrive. The problem is that these things are not universally true and may be downright wrong! Marcus Buckingham has studied people and performance for a long time and he joins me to explode some commonly held beliefs about workers and the workplace. Marcus is the author of the book Nine Lies About Work ( If you want to grow in your career, you need to hear this.

Have you ever cracked an egg open and seen a little spot of what looks like blood inside? Is it safe to eat? Listen as I explain what the food experts say about where that little spot of red comes from and just harmful it is. (

Personal finance can be complicated. In part that is because we have so many financial decisions to make, and there is a lot of emotion wrapped up in our money. Amanda Clayman joins me to discuss how we make financial decisions, why it is hard and how to make better decisions with our money. Amanda is a financial therapist and her website is


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