SYSK Choice: The Power of an Alter Ego & Fascinating Moon Facts


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If you have brothers or sisters, you probably know that sibling relationships change as we move from childhood to adulthood. Sometimes they change for the better – sometimes not. We begin this episode by unraveling the complications of adult sibling relationships.

Did you have a secret identity when you were a kid? Maybe you pretended to be Superman or a princess or someone you admired. What’s interesting is you can do the same thing as an adult to help achieve your personal and professional goals. Todd Herman, a performance coach and author of the book The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life ( joins me to explain how adopting a secret identity can help you succeed in anything.

You have likely been told that you don't drink enough water. So, how much water should you drink every day? There is a simple formula I’ll explain that will make sure you are sufficiently hydrated.

It has been a little more than 50 years since the first man walked on the moon. To celebrate, you are going to discover some fascinating things about the moon that will forever change the way you think when you look up in the sky. Dr.Maggie Aderin-Pocock is a space scientist and science educator. She is an Honorary Research Associate in University College London’s Department of Physics and Astronomy and author of the The Book of the Moon: A Guide to Our Closest Neighbor ( Her view of the moon will fascinate you.


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