SYSK Choice: Why Great Ideas Fail First & Compulsion Investigated


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Do you know what happens to your brain when you are sleeping? In a sense, a cleaning crew gets in there to clean out all the toxins so that your brain works better the next day. I know it sounds weird but it is exactly what happens. Listen as I begin this episode with that explanation.

Failure is often part of success. In fact, most great breakthrough ideas fail first and then get modified before they became a success. It often happens multiple times. Being open to learning from those early failures and being able to adapt your ideas is what helps make ideas prosper according to Safi Bahcall. Safi is a physicist and biotech entrepreneur and author of the book, Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas that Win Wars, Cure Diseases and Transform Industries ( Listen as Safi offers insight and great examples of how important inventions and breakthroughs have happened by learning from failure and how we all can do it.

Often the reason you get upset or stressed out is because things aren’t the way you think they SHOULD be… Traffic should not be so heavy, your doctor should not keep you waiting – that type of thing. Listen as I explore how to change that thinking to relieve yourself of unnecessary frustration.

When I think of compulsive behavior, I think of people who wash their hands a lot or check to see if they locked the door or turned off the coffee pot 50 times a day. While that seems to be extreme compulsive behavior, how is it any different than checking your smart phone 86 times a day? (That’s the average). Science writer Sharon Begley has explored this in her book Just Can’t Stop: An Investigation of Compulsion ( She joins me to reveal why compulsive behavior isn’t necessarily bad and explains at what point it does become a problem and what to do about it.


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