The Hidden Price of Bargain Shopping & How to Stop a Common Cause of Illness


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A kiss is so much more than just a kiss. It turns out kissing sends messages to the person you are kissing. This episode begins with some interesting facts about what kissing does, the messages it sends and why men and women tend to prefer different kinds of kisses.

Who doesn’t love a bargain? However always looking for the best deal or the lowest price may not be the best buying strategy. There is a cost to chasing the lowest prices according to Ellen Ruppel Shell, a writer for the Atlantic magazine and author of the book, Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture ( Anyone who bought something on sale but then never wore it or used it needs to hear this.

Why do kids get the entire summer off? The myth has been that it started back when kids lived mostly on farms and took the summer off to help bring in the crops. But the crop harvest in the fall when kids are back in school – so that can’t be it. I’ll explain the real reason.

Have you heard that gum disease can lead to heart attacks? How can that be – what’s the connection? It’s true and the answer is inflammation. Dr. Duke Johnson, author of the book, Optimal Health ( explains how inflammation in the body is linked to chronic diseases – and more importantly what you can do about it.


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