The Power of Using the Right Words & How to Stop Avoiding Important Tasks


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Everyone likes to feel appreciation, and everyone knows just how powerful appreciation can be. However, there is one huge problem with appreciation. This episode begins with an explanation of why appreciation is important and why it is so often a missed opportunity.

Laughter is important. Not just the act of laughter but the word laughter. People actually like it when you use that word in conversation. That’s according to my guest Will Jelbert, a communications consultant who has spent the last eight years researching how to best use the written and spoken word to connect with people. He is also the author of Word Wise: Say What You Mean, Deepen Your Connections, and Get to the Point ( Will joins me to explain how using the right words in the right situation can make you a much more powerful communicator.

Once you carve a pumpkin you know its clock starts ticking and it won’t be long before it turns into a moldy, gooey mess. So, what can you do to lengthen the life of your jack o’ lantern? Listen as I explain how to prolong the life by at least a week or more.

“Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?” Well, because that’s what human beings like to do – we procrastinate. Maybe if we understood why we put things off, it would be easier to actually get them done. And joining me to explain how is Matthew Boone. Matt is a psychotherapist as well as an instructor at the University of Arkansas and he is author of Stop Avoiding Stuff ( Listen as he reveals a simple technique that will have you conquering all those things you keep putting off.

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