The Science of Who You Love - and Why & What Strangers Do To You


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In the last several years, a lot of different kinds of salt have popped up on store shelves. It used to be just salt and kosher salt. Now there is sea salt, Himalayan salt, pink salt and a million more it seems. So what’s the difference? This episode begins with an explanation.

Love is interesting. We crave it and yet love can also be the source of incredible pain and misery. Truth is that as much as we say we care about love, humans are not always very good at it according to Laura Mucha author of the book, Love Understood: The Science of Who, How and Why We Love ( Laura has spent most of her life researching the topic of love and interviewing people all over the world about their relationships. Listen as her insights on the topic of love will delight and inspire you to love better.

Do you like talking to strangers? A lot of people don’t because they think it is a waste of time or because they hate small talk, or they figure -what’s the point? Well Joe Keohane believes that if that is your attitude, you are just plain wrong about the value of strangers. Joe is author of the book The Power of Strangers: The Benefits of Connecting in a Suspicious World ( and he lays out a compelling case for why you should talk with people you don’t know - and the benefits are numerous.

Integrity is, “The perceived pattern of alignment between words and actions.” Living a life of integrity is something to strive for. Listen as I reveal a great example of how living with integrity can really pay off. Literally! Source: Tony Simons author of The Integrity Dividend (


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