Episode 239: The History of Video Games Part 3 - The Early 90s


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Only 90s kids will understand this episode! Or look honestly probably 80s kids will get even more out of it since they were a little bit older in the early 90s so probably remember the era more vividly. And I suppose that goes for 70s kids, too. If anything, 60s kids were probably in the prime of their lives during the early 90s, so this might even be best for them. 50s kids would often have been raising families, so if that's you then this actually might be understandable for you too, since your kids would likely have been 90s kids. 40s kids have seen the world change so much during their lifetimes that I'm willing to bet they can adapt and understand this. 30s kids were born during the great depression and as we potentially head into another, we could use their wisdom, so I hope that they understand this and we can share our knowledge with each other. 20s kids who are listening to podcasts today must be sharp as a tack, they've got to understand this. 1910s kids, I don't know how many of you there are, but if you're reading this then thank you for your service during World War II, you are the greatest generation and anything that you don't understand during this podcast just contact me and I will call you to explain. 1900s kids, that's so crazy that you're here, you are maybe the 20th century generation that I am most concerned about being able to understand this, I'm so sorry if that's condescending. 2000s kids will understand this, you know what history is, you're probably still studying it. 2010s kids will understand this too, you have grown up with so much technology that I'm sure you can figure out older technology too, probably quite intuitively. So I guess I'm really only talking to the 2020s kids when I'm saying that you won't understand this. So get out of here, you dumb baby! Tommy, Ben and Adam have early 90s video games to talk about.

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