Episode 242: The History of Video Games Part 6 - The Late 2000s


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It's the final part of Tommy, Ben and Adam's trip down Memory Lane in History Town located in the Past province of rural Oldtopia, and so it's time for them to cover the late 2000s. Thick make-up, bright v-neck polo shirts, those dumb studded belts and awkwardly hanging boot cut jeans are just four of the games that the boys fail to cover, but we do talk through the history of the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, DS and more. With the 2010s covered in our recent best games of the 2010s episodes, we're up to date and ready to get back to your regularly scheduled podcast next week, but this has been super fun to do! We hope you've enjoyed it :) Lots of love, your three dads.

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