Life, The Universe, and Dom Deluise


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The Cannonball Run is a simple, and highly illegal, record that despite having no governing body, is infamous within car culture. To set a Cannonball Run record, you must traditionally start at the Red Ball Garage in Manhattan, then traverse the entire United States of America as fast as possible to finish at the Portofini Inn in Redondo Beach, California. And now, thanks to open freeways during the COVID19 quarantine, that record has been broken 7 times in 5 weeks. Anthony and Jeff talk about what it takes to undertake such a feat, and, of course, Burt Reynolds. Then, physicist Stephen Wolfram has published a new paper about a path forward for discovering a fundamental a theory of the universe - and it sounds a lot like a computer program. Jeff and Anthony work their way through this dense concept and get excited about the possibilities it entails.

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