Talking Comics Podcast: Issue #490 - The Ballad of Dick Fish


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Welcome, one and all, to a tale as old as time, The Ballad of Dick Fish. It's a story of celebrity weed endorsements, crossover comic book highlights, inclement weather, enlightenment, surfboard hammers, swords that make kings cry, and questionable podcast titles. Please do get comfortable, and allow the Ballad of Dick Fish to whisk you away.

Books talked about this episode: Runaways #1-35, The Silver Coin #1, Sensational Wonder Woman #2, America Chavez #2, Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #2, King in Black #5, Seven Secrets #7, King in Black: Spider-Woman #7-8, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #1-6, Youth Season 1, Season 2, Project Patron #1, Far Sector #11, Champions #5, Batman #107, The New Batman: Second Son #1, Avengers #44, Peter Cannon: Thunderbolts #1-5

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