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When your kids are calmer and learning how to work with their thoughts and emotions, your quality of life as a parent goes way up. In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Ziva meditation creator Emily Fletcher joins me to talk about helping kids learn to meditate and her new zivaKIDS program that gives kids new superpowers.

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For over a decade Emily has been teaching her own ZIVA meditation technique. She’s reached more than 40,000 students so far, including Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony award winners, Navy SEALS, NBA players, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to make their life better. Busy parents, too.

“I wanted to take the pressure off of parents,” Emily says. “Especially right now, parents are being asked to do an extraordinary amount of things: homeschool their kids, learn to become science teachers, deal with the emotional and psychological ramifications of isolation,” she says. “The last thing I wanted parents to do was have to become a meditation salesperson or a meditation police officer.”

She’s worked with Sesame Street, leading child psychologists and professors from Harvard, to create zivaKIDS. Emily knows that getting your kid to meditate is no easy feat, so we talk a lot about how to encourage them to take that next step in an open, honest and age-appropriate way. She has a practice for 4-to 8-year-olds and 9-to 14-year-olds. She also offers training for parents or other adults in the child’s life on how to be a good sidekick.

The Ziva technique de-excites the nervous system to induce deep rest, so much so that it can heal stresses from both the present and the past. These stresses apply to humans of all ages, and that’s why Emily is so passionate about her practice.

“If you learn these tools at [a young] age, your resilience and your ability to metabolize high demand situations for the rest of your life will be better,” she says.

She says meditation is not a magic pill to bury your emotions. When you’re sad or angry you can’t fix it by just counting your breaths, but instead meditation can teach us how to change our state when we’re ready.

Emily’s view of meditation, for both kids and adults, is practical and flexible. On this episode you’ll learn how your practice (and your kids’!) will ebb and flow, but how you will always carry the power of the practice within you and have the tools you need to feel safe with your body, your emotions and yourself.

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