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In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest Jon Levy shares that the greatest predictors of longevity are close social ties and how much you feel like a part of a community.

Jon is a behavioral scientist who researches human connection, trust and influence. He can teach you how to build your own communities and in turn, grow your influence exponentially. He’s done it himself by creating a private community of more than 2,000 industry leaders including Nobel laureates, Olympians, celebrities, executives, royalty, and more.

“If I wanted to accomplish things like being healthy, happy and successful, the most important thing I could do is figure out how to connect with extraordinary people and also connect them with each other. So, I needed to figure out ‘how do I hack connection?’” says Jon. “How do I hack trust and how do we use that to create a positive impact?”

In order to create connections in a new relationship, you have to start by building trust. Jon’s research found that trust is made up of three pillars: competence, honesty/integrity and benevolence. There are ways to use these three pillars to build really meaningful relationships with people you’ve just met. Jon says these new relationships you build directly relate to your level of influence.

“Our influence is a by-product of who we're connected to, how much they trust us, and the sense of community that we share. So, if it starts with connecting with people, it starts with an invitation,” Jon says.

In his new book “You’re Invited: The Art and Science of Cultivating Influence,” you’ll learn how an invitation can be the beginning of a new relationship. Jon’s research also looks at topics like how to build relationships in families and the pandemic workplace to the trust-building ideas of door-to-door knives salesmen.

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