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This episode of Bulletproof Radio covers the human side of grief and loss and love and community and courage. These are things that you might find yourself saying, “Well, wait. What does that have to do with biohacking or human performance?”

These have to do with the parts of being human that we all go through in our lives. They're parts that we oftentimes don't talk about because they're uncomfortable and we're wired in ourselves to avoid things that are uncomfortable.

However, if you do think about them, it gives you enormous opportunity for growth and enormous opportunity to be a better human being. And that means you can be of better service to others,

In March 2020, Amanda Kloots and her husband, Nick Cordero, moved from Manhattan to Los Angeles with their infant son.

It was a big move for them: Amanda was a celebrity fitness trainer, actor and Broadway dancer, and Nick, a Tony Award-nominated Broadway star, was going to pursue a career in the music industry.

When Nick complained of being tired, they both thought it was the move.

A little more than three months later Nick died of extreme COVID-19 complications: 95 of those days on a ventilator in the ICU, 42 were in a medically induced coma. At age 41, he’d been young, healthy, had no pre-existing conditions and didn’t have any of the typical Covid symptoms.

During Nick’s illness, Amanda chronicled his medical journey and her family’s emotional journey on Instagram. Friends, family and people she didn’t know rallied around them from around the globe with love and support.

She also relied on her faith: “I'm a very spiritual person,” Amanda says. “I have a very strong faith and it's always been a part of my life. That's where I go, when I need strength, when I need support, that is exactly where I go.”

Amanda, now a co-host of the CBS daytime talk show, “The Talk,” turned her experience into a memoir, co-written with her sister, Anna Kloots: “Live Your Life: My Story of Loving and Losing Nick Cordero.”

It’s a brave book about a devastating loss. It’s a human story that connects us all.

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