Podcast 68: Treatment of Male Hypogonadism


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Dear Listeners,

As a follow up to podcast 67, Eric Harvey, a 3rd year Mcgill medical student, is joining the Primary Medicine Podcast to go over the treatment approach for male hypogonadism.

It is important to consider both benefits and risks of testosterone therapy, before initiating treatment. The clearest benefit is to men with abnormally low serum testosterone levels who present with sexual dysfunction. The clearest risks are erythrocytosis, cardiac, and prostate disease. It is important to do routine testosterone, lipids, hematocrit, and PSA levels.

There are many different forms of testosterone therapy ranging from oral to intramuscular. The choice of medication is based on patient preference, cost, and side effect profile.

We end the podcast with a brief discussion about Eric and his classmate’s experiences during the COVID shutdown. A situation without a recent historical precedent.

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Posted on 5/08/2020 by Dr. Dimitre

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