Kent State: After the Bullets


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We know that on May 4th, 1970, fifty years ago, four students were killed by the National Guard at Kent State in Ohio. What is not always known is everything that happened after that. Opinion wasn't universally with the slain students, the school had little interest in memorializing for decades, courts turned a blind eye, and the criminal justice system focused not at those who killed students but at thee students themselves. We look at Kent State and everything that happened after the shots was fired,, including dozens of stories. We talk to Howard Ruffner, author of "Moments of Truth" and both a photographer that day and an eyewitness to the events. His photo appeared in LIFE magazine thee week of the shootings. We also discuss the famous screaming photograph, the iconic image of Kent State and how the photo changed the life of its subject. We discuss the Tent City protests of alumni, students and parents, the fight over a memorial in the 80s and 90s. And the statue that spoke through its metal about the day.

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