How to Bring Purpose & Possibility Into Your Work | The 2022 Plan


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Millions of us are re-examining the role of work in our lives, getting more honest about what it needs to give us, beyond a paycheck. And we're realizing the way we're working isn't working. So, how do you know what opportunities will truly fill you with purpose, possibility, joy and connection, and what will leave you disengaged, empty and disconnected? How do you know whether to stay where you are and reinvent the way you do your job, or look for or start something entirely new?

The decisions we make now may well change the course of our lives for the better - if we make the right call - but also for the worse, if we choose wrong. That thing everyone's calling The Great Resignation also has the potential to turn into The Regret. So, how do you set yourself up to understand what jobs, teams, projects, companies, roles or opportunities to run toward, and what to run from? That's what we're diving into in today's special 2022 jumpstart episode, with a focus on understanding and tapping your source-code level driver for work that makes you come alive - your Sparketype®.

And, remember, every Monday for the entire month of January, we're bringing you these special deep-dive episodes featuring a single topic that is critical to your ability to live your best live, and set up 2022 for growth and possibility.

You can find the 1-page worksheet HERE.

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