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Peter Tunney is a legitimate force of nature with boundless creative energy, who loves spreading positive messages in unconventional ways. After a career in finance, biotech and then nearly a decade defined by wild adventures, photo-curating and documenting travels through Africa with photographer and society fixture, Peter Beard, Tunney returned to New York in 1987 and declared himself an artist.

He quickly became a central player, artist and gallerist in the legendary downtown art scene of the 80s and 90s, working with nearly every medium imaginable to create these large-scale mantras that have appeared everywhere from billboards to private collections and his own galleries in Tribeca as well as Miami’s famed Wynwood Walls.

Tunney, it turns out, is not just a world-class liver of life, creator and raconteur, he believes in humankind and the good that results in endless small acts of kindness. Over the years Peter has donated countless works to deserving organizations, with his main philanthropic efforts now being criminal justice reform, supporting wrongfully convicted individuals, and ending the stigma of mental illness. In today’s free-ranging and story-driven conversation, you’ll get a powerful sense of the fierce, kinetic and creative energy that drives Peter, and also discover how an accident that nearly ended his life at the age of 13 set in motion certain events that would shape who he’d become and what he’d awaken to decades down the road.

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