An English Conversation About Miscarriage Of Justice Ep 432


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Interesting English Conversations To Help Your English Fluency ✔ Lesson transcript:

Looking back at this podcast, I worried I was covering an English topic that was only useful for people who were in trouble with the UK legal system! Although that was not my intention at all. I was reading a story about a miscarriage of justice here in the UK, and the actual issue was how errors in computer software ruined the lives of innocent people. I thought you might be interested in the English vocabulary used as legalese is a strange thing and worth exploring.

As our world is ever more computerised, our lives are ever more affected by mistakes in personal data and in software. In today’s English listening conversation, we take a topic and explore the vocabulary associated with the UK legal system, which is interesting in and of itself. We will also hear a story about how computers can wreck your life.

I was talking to a friend of mine recently who discovered a spelling mistake in their name on their UK driving license. Someone had typed ‘N’ instead of ‘M’. The issues this causes are huge, because all the UK’s governmental systems are connected.

So if you want a new passport, online systems check your driving license details. If you want to submit your tax return, online systems check your driving license id or passport. And if they don’t match up, they lock you out. All the services you used to do face to face have moved online because of the pandemic. So this person had been trying to correct the problem but had failed, and there was nobody in the real world to talk to about it.

There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.
⭐ Montesquieu, French Philosopher

So today we look at the scary side of being on the outside of a computerised world. How officials who use these systems see the systems as always correct and the normal people, who have to use these systems are wrong until proven otherwise. Along the way we will listen to a lot of British English being spoken by a native English speaker which will help you with your English fluency and the speed of your English comprehension.

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