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Our English Listening Practice = Comprehensible Input ✔Lesson transcript: https://adeptenglish.com/lessons/english-listening-practice-12/

With mobile phone ownership in the UK so high it makes perfect sense to use mobile phones in the fight against COVID19. In today’s English listening practice lesson we talk about the pros and cons of using technology to help the UK’s NHS reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

I’ve received a few e-mails recently asking why I talk about this or that topic in a podcast and why I don’t talk about something else or something they suggest. Listener suggestions are always welcome but our podcast content is always going to be a little random.

I am going to take a few steps back and explain what we are doing in our English podcast lessons and what is happening to you and your brain when you listen to our English lessons.

First, our audio lessons are for you to use as "comprehensible input" which you then use to acquire the English language. Comprehensible input is just a fancy way of saying "input a listener can understand despite not understanding all the words". Think of it as input that is just above or outside of your current English language understanding.

If I were to describe a great comprehensible input audio lesson for an English language learner, then that lesson would:

  • Be about 10 minutes or around 2000 words long (long enough to be of value but not drown you in new content)
  • Contain interesting content topics that can be listened to several times without being boring (repeat listening)
  • Have a printed transcript that allows listeners to look up any difficult or unknown words which can be used in a spaced repetition learning regime (efficiently discover what words cause you problems and efficiently learn these)
  • Contain some new and unknown English vocabulary, to have this explained with lots of contextual descriptions (increasing your vocabulary)
  • The input needs to be clear and high quality, with no distracting noises, ideally from a native English speaker (comprehensible) (There are many other things but I’ll keep the list short, this introduction is already too long!)

Finding content like this on the internet is difficult, and one of the main reasons Adept English exists. You need lots and lots of quality English listening to help train your brain’s ability to map what you want to say, into the English words and sentence structures needed to communicate those ideas.

The really cool part of learning a language through lots and lots of comprehensible input, is the whole thing works in reverse. Our amazing brains can easily turn all of that English input (listening) into output, which is our goal in helping you to speak fluently in English.

Learn more about our courses here: https://adeptenglish.com/language-courses/

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