Dr Pragya Agarwal On Unconscious Bias & Talking To Kids About Racism


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Dr Pragya Agarwal is my guest on this episode – she’s an author, a two-times Tedx speaker, an academic, and a mum of three. Her book Sway: Unravelling Unconscious Bias was published in April and brilliantly, allows the reader to explore the concept of bias in a non-judgemental way. Pragya takes a scientific approach at looking at bias and when I read it, it made me analyse my own biases.

In my chat with Pragya, we delve into what unconscious bias is and why it exists in us all. We talk about why we gravitate towards people like us, why we exist in echo chambers (both in real life and online) and was talk about when this is OK and when it’s a good idea to push outside of this.

Pragya also talks to me about how to discuss racism with children and how she is raising her multi-racial daughters in a way that gives them access to their Indian heritage and ensures they’re comfortable with who they are.

You can buy Sway here and follow Pragya on Twitter here.

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