Gobert VS Mitchell - HORSE Tourney - Bulls Front Office


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Kevin and Justin are back to talk about the NBA starting a HORSE Tournament... will it be good, or are they worried about it being BORING as hell? Lebron says he won't have any closure on this NBA Season, and the guys try to find some closure for him. Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert not on good terms after the Covid-19 infection. Last, the guys talk about the changes happening in the front office for the Chicago Bulls!
12:45 - Intro ends
13:00 Donovan & Rudy fight
20:00 - LeBron not satisfied with the season
26:50 - HORSE tourney
35:15 - Ballin (Shaq, Ray Allen, Suns)
48:49 - Bulls changing front office
54:18 - hot take 1 (Drummond)
1:00:15 - Curry and Dame IG LIVE

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