Stars VS Stars, 8th Seed In The West & Tatum


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On This episode of the Drive and Dish NBA podcast, Justin and Keven debate if the NBA is better when Stars are taking Jabs at each other, or is Giannis's Brother right, is the NBA making it seem like they are taking Jabs when they are not? They get into the Boson Celtics and how much better Jason Tatum has been getting though out his career and his 3rd-year jump. They also talk about Zach Lowes comments that the Celtics now have a clear hierarchy that will help them in the playoffs. In Ballin and Fallin the guys highlight Zion's incredible takeover of the NBA and talk about Tony Romo's Amazing contract.... 17 Million a year, how does Stephen A Smith only make 10 Million? Once they are done talking about the DUMB amount of money in sports broadcasting they get into the race for the 8th seed in the Western Conference. they debate who will get in and who wont... Which teams will be the most disappointing of they do not make it on, Portland... San Antonio? Last, we have Ballin and Fallin where they talk about Clippers vs Rockets and the Clippers vs Lakers, do those two matchups have a chance to be "all-time" playoff matches, and talk about the Nuggets. All on this week's episode of the Drive and Dish NBA Podcast.
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Show Times:
00:00 - Intro
8:00 - Antetokounmpo tweet
Celtics & Tatum - 18:35
28:00 - Ballin and Fallin
35 - Western Conference 8th seed
49: hot takes

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