Vince Carter- What's Next For NBA - Covid-19


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Justin and Kevin are just passing the time during this COVID-19 quarantine. They give an update about Coronavirus in the NBA and what the NBA should do when they come back... They had a listener leave an idea on their Voicemail line. The guys debate if they like his idea about a March Madness bracket for the 8th seed in the west or not. In Ballin/Fallin they talk about the interesting situation that Jamal Murray had hon Instagram and all of NBA Reddit. The guys reflect on Vince Carter's career and how wild it actually was, and end the show with some Hot Takes from Reddit.
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Show times:
00:00 - Intro
12:21 - Covid-19 & What's Next 4 NBA
25:49: Listeners Call
36:00 - Ballin & Fallin (Jamal Murray and NBA Reddit)
55:00 - Hot Take 1 - NBA compared to Rappers
1:02:15 - HT 2 - OG's Tweet

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