Amanpour: Claudia López, Moisés Naím, Michael Lewis and Robert A. Pape


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After days of violent protests in Colombia, Bogotá Mayor Claudia López joins Christiane Amanpour to explain why President Duque should reach out directly to young people to address poverty and inequity. Journalist and analyst Moisés Naím digs in further to how the protests fit into a broader wave of social and economic crises sweeping across South America. Then turning to the pandemic, Michael Lewis discusses his book "The Premonition", examining the unknown individuals who tried to raise the alarm on Covid-19 and the systems that failed them. A new study on the January 6 Capitol insurrection finds that of the nearly 400 rioters arrested or charged, 93% are white and 86% are male. The study’s principal investigator, Professor Robert A. Pape, talks to our Michel Martin about his findings.

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