Amanpour: Denise Dresser, Richard Hatchett, Kirsten Gillibrand and Noubar Afeyan


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Political analyst Denise Dresser joins Bianna Golodryga, standing in for Christiane Amanpour, to explain why the U.S. needs to focus on Latin America and “the authoritarian winds blowing.” CEPI CEO Richard Hatchett lays out his nightmare scenario for the pandemic and why developing nations must get the support they need. He says vaccine doses must be shared. Then Senator Kirsten Gillibrand talks about fighting for justice for military sexual assault victims. After years of work, she finally has bipartisan support for reforms, but fellow Democratic Senator Jack Reed is blocking the bill. Turning to the coronavirus pandemic, Moderna co-founder and chairman Noubar Afeyan has co-authored a report on lessons learned from the pandemic. He joins our Walter Isaacson to discuss how we can be better prepared next time.

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