Amanpour: Ekaterina Kotrikadze, Marc Polymeropoulos, Alexander Betts, and Annette Gordon-Reed


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News director and anchor for TV Rain, Russia's only independent TV news channel, Ekaterina Kotrikadze joins Bianna Golodrya, standing in for Christiane Amanpour, to give her take on the Biden-Putin summit and the response in Russia. She says the summit changes nothing in Russia. Then Marc Polymeropolous, retired CIA officer and author of "Clarity in Crisis", explains how he was forced to retire after being targeted by a sonic attack in Moscow. Oxford's Alexander Betts, author of “The Wealth of Refugees” lays out the crucial need to change the narrative about refugees. He says they should be seen as human beings who have talents and skills to offer. And as Juneteenth, the end of slavery, is finally made a national holiday in America, Pulitzer prize-winning historian Annette Gordon-Reed talks to Walter Isaacson about the significance of this date and her own remarkable story as the first black student to integrate into a white school.

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