Amanpour: Gina McCarthy, Friederike Otto, Gary Ginsberg and Cher


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Gina McCarthy, White House National Climate Adviser, joins Bianna Golodryga to discuss the EU's new bold climate plan, the heatwave sweeping across America and why she believes climate change is not a partisan issue. Continuing our conversation about the climate crisis, Friederike Otto, Associate Director of the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford, talks about her groundbreaking 9-day study which found that the heatwave that hit the Pacific Northwest and Canada last month would have been impossible without human-caused climate change. Then Gary Ginsberg, author of the book "First Friends," explains how U.S. presidents have leaned on their friends during crucial times — for better or worse. And finally, we look back on one of our favorite interviews with music icon Cher.

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