Amanpour: James Martin, Xernona Clayton, Martha S. Jones, Paola Ramos, Jessica Huseman


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In a truly momentous move for the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis has publicly endorsed same sex civil unions for the first time. James Martin, Jesuit priest and LGBTQ advocate, joins Christiane Amanpour to discuss the implications of this development. Then, author of "Vanguard" Martha S. Jones and trailblazing civil rights activist Xernona Clayton talk about Black women's historic fight to be heard and counted. Paola Ramos, author of "Finding Latinx", speaks to Amanpour about the diverse Latinx community and the upcoming U.S. presidential election. ProPublica reporter Jessica Huseman tells Michel Martin about the problems with ballot access, vote by mail, and misinformation in the lead up to November.

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