Amanpour: Jeanne Shaheen, Scott Ellsworth, Keisha Blain and Nav Bhatia


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New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen is leading a bipartisan mission to Eastern Europe, bringing a message of support for Belarus democracy. She joins Bianna Golodryga, standing in for Christiane Amanpour, to discuss that mission. This week marks 100 years since the Tulsa Massacre when around 300 black people were killed and hundreds of thousands were left homeless; historians Scott Ellsworth and Keisha Blain talk about the disturbing coverup and importance of reparations for survivors. Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.K. Matthew Barzun explains the counter-intuitive thesis behind his new book, "The Power of Giving Away Power” and the power of constellation thinking. Our Hari Sreenivasan talks to Nav Bhatia, the first ever NBA superfan induced into the basketball hall of fame, about uniting people through a shared love of sport.

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