Amanpour: Jeremy Farrar, Selma van de Perre, Charles Person and Maya Lin


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Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust and covid adviser to the UK government, joins Christiane Amanpour to discuss the ongoing debate around patent waivers for covid-19 vaccines. Then WWII resistance spy and author of “My Name is Selma,” Selma van de Perre shares her extraordinary story of not only surviving Ravensbruck, the infamous women’s concentration camp in Germany, but how she fought back. Turning to another story of resistance, Charles Person speaks to our Michel Martin about becoming the youngest original member of the Freedom Riders at the age of 18, travelling from Washington DC to New Orleans on a bus in 1961. He reflects on fighting for desegregation in the South and his new memoir "Buses Are a Comin'." And finally, the famed architect and artist Maya Lin talks about planting a "Ghost Forest" in New York's Madison Park and what the past can teach us about the future.

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