Amanpour: Michel Barnier, Mette Frederiksen and Terence Blanchard


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Tension in Poland is climbing to boiling point over European Union membership and the UK’s food industry supply chains are in in chaos weighed down under severe labour shortages. Christiane Amanpour is joined by the EU’s former chief negotiator, and now French presidential candidate, Michel Barnier. Then, in just three weeks world leaders will meet in Glasgow for the COP26 climate conference, where they'll reckon with a dispiriting report from the United Nations showing that the world is warming faster than scientists previously thought. Christiane speaks to Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen during her state visit to India where she’s been highlighting the urgency of tackling climate change while maintaining economic growth. And finally, in its 138 year history, the Metropolitan Opera has never hosted a performance by a black composer, until now. Walter Isaacson speaks to six-time Grammy award winning musician and composer, Terence Blanchard about his new work "Fire Shut Up in My Bones."

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